Renovating your old staircase in only one day?

Renovating your old staircase in only one day?

That's possible! Thanks to the handy new tread-over-tread system from Maestro Steps, it is super fast, and you can easily do it yourself. The Maestro Steps are designed so that you can place them easily on top of old steps and risers.

A new staircase in 4 easy steps


First remove any old staircase covering and adhesive residue. And then measure the steps. You can easily measure turning steps with our iron 'stair spider' measuring tool.


Draw the measured steps and risers on the Maestro Steps and cut to size.


Apply enough glue to the old step and press your new Maestro Steps firmly into the glue.


Finish your staircase with the necessary accessories such as transition profiles and any edge banding for open sides. Seal the seams with joint sealant or silicone.